July and August 2012 saw the release of some must read new translations of Japanese short stories - courtesy of the prolific hub that is Words without Borders

Guest editor on both issues was Michael Emmerich - previously mentioned on this blog for his connection to the BCLT mentoring programmes. It looks like the US translator is set to undertake another year instructing a budding Japanese-English translator in 2013.

Follow these links to access complete back issues of the translations online:

New Writing in Japan I (July)

New Writing in Japan II (August)



07/13/2013 01:34

This is good news! There are lots of classic works in Japan that didn’t get attention internationally since it was not translated! I hope the new translation can win the hearts of all readers and wish the translators all success for their valuable efforts!

01/01/2014 04:07

I couldn't agree more...

08/15/2013 01:41

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09/19/2013 23:32

Thanks for sharing New Writing From Japan

10/03/2013 04:34



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